My Man Of Stars

Written for my beloved on Valentine’s Day 2019 from Santa Marta, Colombia – “The Heart of the World”.

My Man Of Stars

My Man of Stars
Heart of Sun
Son of Heart
Come cover me
with your Wildness!

Let’s roll around
Hips and Lips
Hearts and Parts
Let us make thunder
and wake the skies!

Wrapped in
Ephemeral Bliss
Let our luscious Love
From the Heart
of the World.

Wake Up! Wake Up!

Wake up! Wake up!
It’s time to break up
With all the dark energy
Filling our cups

We live in such stress
It turns to distress
Then turns to disease
Our bodies a mess

There is a known cure
We’ve heard it before
Turn off “The News”
And open the door

Step on outside
The dark will subside
Once the sunlight
Can open our eyes

Look out! Look out!
It’s all coming now
We can let it release
We can give it a shout!

Nature won’t mind
Her patience divine
She takes it from us
And transmutes it in time

There is a new way
With each dawning day
To fill up our lives
With beauty with play

Breathe the fresh air
Show ourselves care
Connect more with Earth
And the better we’ll fare


The core of Earth runs through my veins
Its rivers through my womb
And when this fire burns away
Dear Earth becomes my tomb

The air I breathe dissolves my mind
The winds of change refresh
And once the leaves blow away
The past leaves through my breath

The moon, she glows within my heart
Our rhythms in perfect phase
Cycling through the ebb and flow
Of life’s unending ways

For all my wants, the land provides
Nourishing and sweet
Its seasons carry me back home
Full circle and complete