Where Can It Be?

Where Can It Be?

Looking, looking
Where can it be?
She’s looked so much
She can no longer see

Seeking, seeking
All the time taking
She’s pushed herself now
To the point of breaking

Clinging, clinging
Always needs more
She needs so much
Nothing sticks to her core

Hoping, hoping
Her mind is still coping
To what is it that
Her spirit is holding?

Praying, praying
Can anyone hear?
Begging so loudly
She’s drowning in fear

Breaking, breaking
Held on for too long
There’s no room here
For will other than God’s

Folding, folding
There’s nothing to do
She must rest and wait
For her spirit renewed

Giving, Giving
She’s given all up
The past now emptied
There’s room in her cup

Breathing, breathing
Take it all in
Filling with love
She’s filling within

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