The Wait

The Wait

My dear God, why do you torture me so?
Your smile seeps in, then away it flows
And despite all my searching
I know not where it goes

I wait for your call, I wait all alone
I wait in the dark, still as a stone
And though I sit by your fire
I’m chilled to the bone

I do feel your presence, I know you are here
Despite silence, you hide from my ear
While I long to be free
I’m trapped in fear

Have I not surrendered myself at your feet?
Have I not offered my very heart beat?
What more can I do?
To be warmed by your heat?

I have tried so hard to show you my love
I have worked so hard to rise above
But my wings remain clipped
A grounded dove

Come to me Lord, come to me soon
By the light of the day, or by the moon
I long for your presence
As it was in that June

Please take it all, take all that I have
It only slows down as I move on this path
And my wounds do await
Your healing salve

I am short on ideas, nothing left to do
Perhaps this is where I’ll find truth
I lay myself down
I rest in You.

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