Thank You

To all the men I’ve loved before,
Thank you.
You opened inside of me
    A hidden door.

You took me by the hand and
Invited me in.
Smiling from the
    Other side.

And then you got behind me
And pushed!
Me past my limits.
    Thank you.

You taught me some things!
Practical skills.
New ideas.
    You opened my mind .

I now know,
What I’ll take
What I’m worth
    Who I am.

You’ve modeled Conviction.
Given me a better sense
    Of what’s right.

Through Exploration and Debate,
Thought Experiments.
Your Super Powers
    Are mine too.

Thank you! for your
Strength. Risk-taking.
All of your beautiful and
    Masculine Ways.

We’re not always Graceful
But because of this dance,
I know my own
    Feminine (and Masculine) Ways.

Thank you for…
Teaching me.
Encouraging me.
    Loving (Healing) Me.

To all the men I’ve loved before,
I am Me
Because of You.
    Thank you.

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