"I found Stephanie to be kind, thoughtful, an excellent Yogini and a most accommodating host. I loved being in Marshall-you drop into a beautiful No Carolina gorge- with amazing scenery, history and people. The studio is serene and spacious. The food was delicious and abundant. It was a great experience." - Laura Spears

"Stephanie was so welcoming to us. She was a great yoga instructor. Her range of knowledge and understanding of all of the aspects of yoga was vast. She also is a fantastic chef. Every meal was delicious and so healthy. The little town of Marshall was cute and entertaining. Overall, we had a great yoga retreat thanks to Stephanie." - Sam Liberto

"This was my first yoga retreat but will not be my last!! It was a wonderful life altering experience. Can’t wait for the next one!!" - Currie Custer"Stephanie is a kind and warm soul. She is both humble and genuine and able to relate yoga principles into everyday life. I most enjoyed the guided meditations, which really brought me further into my practice. The little town with its sweet river and the setting in the mountains only added to the charm of the whole retreat. I would highly recommend this to anyone seeking a grounded intimate yoga retreat." - Alyssa Erickson-Wayman

"My first yoga retreat turned out to be an awesome experience! The accommodations were so cool (in an old church), the food was excellent (vegetarian), and the yoga was so much more than I have been practicing at home!" - Laura Dutreix"Can’t say enough positive things about Stephanie and the facilities. Stephanie is an awesome chef and the food was beyond delicious! Loved Stephanie and her yoga and meditation classes. All around wonderful. - Nancy Messner

"The facility (a 1912 church) was nicely restored, clean and comfortable. The meals served by Stephanie were seasonal, colorful and really tasty. The town is small and quaint which I loved. I learned a lot about the spiritual aspects of yoga practice and came away with a lot to think about." - Lynne Kuchel

"I LOVED this retreat! Stephanie is so knowledgeable and you can tell she genuinely cares about your time there. The views are stunning, the atmosphere is relaxed and peaceful, and the food is phenomenal. Stephanie is a great yoga teacher and really helped me grow in my practice. I was able to do a headstand for the first time thanks to her clear instructions and attentiveness. She was so patient and encouraging. I was a bit insecure at first, but could tell she doesn’t judge and simply wants to help you grow. I wish I had been able to stay for longer, and I have already planned my next retreat with her." - Amy K

"Stephanie is a great yoga instructor and really helped me grow in my practice. She made sure that my friend and I were comfortable and helped us with everything, including yoga tips, meals, and getting around the area. The food was outstanding and our retreat was an all around excellent experience." - Kelly M.

"I love yoga with Stephanie! <3 Very present with and considerate of her students. Learning about her physical and spiritual transformation, and simply being in her presence, has inspired my own personal growth and evolution." - Dakota McKenzie

"From the town to the people to the food to Stephanie herself, everything was absolutely amazing. I could not imagine a better setting for a yoga retreat. There were different forms of yoga offered and the diversity added to the greatness. And the food. Oh my goodness. The food is absolutely positively AMAZING. I was so sad to leave but so glad to have had the experience and meet so many great people. It was so so so great." - Nina Jean-Jaques

"This was my first yoga retreat and I LOVEF every minute of it!! Stephanie was warm and welcoming. She is an AWESOME cook and I love the fact that the retreat was tucked away in this tiny town in the mountains. It was the perfect venue to practice yoga and just enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery and nature. The town folks of Marshall were delightful and welcoming! I highly recommend this retreat!!!" - Shalinni Thompson

"My daughter and I have not been on a lot of yoga retreats and other than practicing yoga we were not sure what to expect. The little town of Marshall, as explained by Stephanie, is one of the few "blue zone" towns of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We were able to experience art, scenic walks and hikes, fantastic blue grass music (on Thursday nights), a craft brewery and the historic county seat with the Daughters of the Confederacy's monument to Robert E Lee. What a find in Stephanie as owner/operator - a delightful person with many talents: a yoga teacher who listens, a business woman who responds in a timely fashion to emails and phone calls, and a fantastic cook who prepares and presents nutritious meals that make you feel good afterwards! I wish her all the best in her future endeavors!" - Joanie Belair

"The yoga was excellent and diverse. Stephanie demonstrated a great ability to determine where a yogi is at and taking them where ever they want to go with their practice. I have been practicing mainly hot power, vinyasa, bikram, and restorative types of yoga for more more than 15 years. Stephanie made my world bigger by taking me deeper into hatha and yin. She was able to take me deeper into poses through explanations based on her training and experience versus where I was at in the moment. She did a great job of demonstrating and explaining advanced poses as well. The food was exceptional. Stephanie is a great cooking talent. I have been in a gourmet club for over a decade and am a carnivore by nature. I have participated in 40 day yoga challenges only to start dreaming of bad things like chicken legs part way through and struggling to stay on the vegetarian wagon. Stephanie continually prepared tasty, creative, healthy vegetarian/vegan meals. The little town of Marshal was charming and friendly. The nearby trails provided good locations for hikes along rivers streams, and hills. The yoga facility was a renovated church with hardwood floors. It was very clean and comfortable. Overall I think the experience leads to growth wherever you are at. I am grateful for the experience. Thank you Stephanie. Namaste." - CJ Latsa

"The yoga was challenging. The instructor explained the different types of yoga. The food was different cause we don't do vegetarian but wonderful. Location was wonderful. Building was cool and unique." - Fanine Garner

"Stephanie was a warm and attentive host. Everything (from meals, to yoga sessions, to rest time) was well organized and thoughtfully executed. I felt challenged during the sessions and would go on this retreat again. Highly recommend for others!" - Scott Sander

"Instructor taught different yoga practices, great guided meditation, and really enjoyed the location in the cute mountain town of NC." - Lauren Cappelluti

"This was my first yoga retreat. I loved everything about it. Stephanie was amazing, the accommodations were great and the food was incredible. I also enjoyed the small town atmosphere. I had a wonderful time and highly recommend a yoga retreat with Stephanie." - Iris Hearth

"Stephanie is a great host and yoga instructor! The meals were amazing and the accommodation was such a unique space, and very clean! Thanks for a great weekend, will definitely look into going back!" - Marissa Ponce

"I basically liked everything about this retreat. Stephanie was a fantastic host with a wonderful personality and energy. She is also very knowledgeable on holistic/yoga topics and shared stories of her travels which were amazing! I teach yoga and wanted to learn some new poses to add to my class and i got all that and more. The location was great and the accommodations were very cozy and welcoming. Stephanie is a great cook and serves up amazing meals! Would definitely recommend this retreat. (-:" -Aoife Clancy

"This yoga retreat was incredible! Stephanie is a great yoga instructor who really took the abilities of the participants into consideration and kept the sessions challenging and fun. We spent some time practicing meditation as well, which was pretty new for me, but it Stephanie was a willing and capable guide. She is also a fantastic cook, so the vegetarian meals were really amazing!! I don’t think I’ve ever eaten that well! Overall, the retreat was very relaxing and the perfect opportunity to reset. Thanks Stephanie, for a wonderful weekend- I will definitely be back!" - Rebecca Cuthbert

"We had a great experience at this yoga retreat. We shared a room and it was very clean and enough space for two people. Stephanie was incredibly accommodating throughout our entire stay, whether it included meal planning and scheduling or just making sure that we were comfortable. The yoga classes were diverse and really helped us to advance our practice and learn new techniques that we will now use. The hotel was close to the beach, so it was the perfect vacation location. Samai itself is pretty quiet, but close to Montanita, as well as Puerto Lopez for a day trip to Isla de la Plata. We highly recommend this retreat!" - Vita L

"I love yoga with Stephanie! Very present and considerate of her students. Not only is she an awesome yoga teacher, she is also an amazing vegetarian chef. Always serving well balanced, clean, and nutritious meals! Her self love emanates and her good vibes radiate." - Monica H.

"I loved everything about this mini retreat! From the tasty meals to the variety of yoga practices, to Stephanie’s hospitality, and the beautiful space." - Phoebe Miller