Healing Moon

A little late posting, but the last full moon brought out both a poem and painting…

The moon so bright
it looked like dawn
As the night carried
on and on
I couldn’t sleep so
I gazed awhile
La luna melting
me to a smile
Soft white clouds
gone rolling by
Like angels watching
from the sky
My thankful prayer
I shared aloud
…Dear God…
Please root me in
the here and now
From where I must
release regret
Release the bonds
of this karmic debt
Heal my body
heal my heart
May all that haunts me
break apart
Let your light
shine brightly through
So that I may
walk with you



The core of Earth runs through my veins
Its rivers through my womb
And when this fire burns away
Dear Earth becomes my tomb

The air I breathe dissolves my mind
The winds of change refresh
And once the leaves blow away
The past leaves through my breath

The moon, she glows within my heart
Our rhythms in perfect phase
Cycling through the ebb and flow
Of life’s unending ways

For all my wants, the land provides
Nourishing and sweet
Its seasons carry me back home
Full circle and complete

I am Light

I am overjoyed at this life, this dream
37 years may as well be 37 days
For I know nothing of this world
I stand in awe
Childlike wonder
Letting it all just be

This morning, the sunlight
Played in my shower
The mist put on a show for me
Dancing in subtle swirls and rainbows
I let it engulf me and I became
This mystical mix of fire and water

Outside the birds, they sing to me
Melodies filling the air
The space that holds this all together
I see their home, thick ropes for roots
Digging down to the Earth
Strong, safe, life-giving

And so I drink in this space
Space that reaches so high,
We can’t hold onto it
I expand and the birds remind me
I am the air, but I am also grounded
I am synced with my Mother, Earth

I don’t know what makes this work, but
I know that I am You as much as I am Me
I am as much ground as I am sea
I am Fire.
I am Space.
I am Light.