My Hands

These galactivated hands,
I know to be divine
Bringing forth the patterns
Seen with my mind’s eye

Strong energy swirls
Like magnets in my hands
They shine the light of truth
When even I don’t understand

They push-pull with the moon
They whisper Cho Ku Rei
They create divine transmissions
Working as they pray

These hands are
healing hands, creative hands
loving hands, working hands

These hands were made
To celebrate
My God.

Alchemy Prayer

On this new moon I pray to you
For paradigm alchemy
From swirling dust to cosmic love
Please help my eyes to see

We’ve come so far from heaven’s stars
This dream that dreams with open eyes
Unconscious play goes on and on
The world’s adrift and so am I

Wake us from this senseless state
To know our power within
To make the change you wish of us
And Heaven to Earth we’ll bring

Let separation melt away
And the joy of life emerge
With all our senses knowing truth
We’ll rise above our hurts

The past will fade; the now so pure
When good nature reigns supreme
This is what I pray for us
That love will set us free

Elemental Love

I demanded of the heavens above,
“Tell me, how do I live in your love?

When something still exists in me,
That wants to build walls in between.”

The answer came, pure and true
“Look around for what to do.”

And so I asked the tumbling stream,
“How can I let this love be seen?”

“Go with the flow, but look around,
You can still be solid, like the ground.”

I looked to the earth and heard her say,
“I give my fruits freely, day after day.”

To the trees I said, “Your roots are shared.”
“Not only that, but we clear the air.”

Creatures abound, wild and free
Whispered for me to simply be me.

I still wasn’t sure that was enough,
To which they replied, “You’re already love.”

I looked to the heavens, “It shouldn’t be long,
Until I’m sweetly sharing your song.

“Your love is the joy that courses through me,
And celebrates life as it truly can be.”



Though I’d not known of her before
She came to ask a favor for

Her homeland lay in deep despair
She sought a space for healing prayer

My soul came forth; agreed that day
For I deeply felt the need to pray

Much had changed in this new land
Hidden purpose, beyond my plan

We gathered close, seven seats
Joined in God, our twin heart beats

Direction came: Reach forth into
This circle where God’s power moved

Cold fire filled my once numb limbs
I felt the help my hands could bring

Lord, I feel you through my arms
Power to heal such tragic harms

A reply came strongly; I was blessed
A deep-held knowing, a nod of yes

You’re here despite my lack of worth?
I’ve been derailed since my very birth!

A voice came forth, grace from sin
An exchange ensued deep within

These lips have lied a thousand times…
     All men whisper tales, truths disguised
     Your penance paid when your spirit cried

But my hands have thieved from men of trust…
     No man is free of deeds unjust
     Forgive yourself, an act you must

I’ve harmed this body, no longer pure…
     No man escapes the world’s allure
     Your heart is mine, of this I’m sure

Thank you, God, for choosing me…
     My dear, you see what they do not see
     It’s clear to you; You belong to Me

God’s Children

This is not our faults
And we can’t believe that it is
It simply is
Whatever we decide this is

I want to see you flourish
I want to see you grow
I want to be here and nourish
The parts that want to flow

Like embers burning calmly
Hiding beneath the breeze
Spirit clings down low
Refusing its own release

Afraid of the fire that may erupt
For its power is unknown
And like all that comes to light
The truth will surely show

At some point along the way
We unconsciously conformed
We lost touch with all the things
That made our spirits soar

Fearful that if we do what we want
Well, it must not be seen
For if the world truly knew
If they truly knew our human being

Well, we’d be moving into power
Arising from the flames
A phoenix now remembers
From where it is he came

The man you are is perfect now
So long as you can see
That you are truly something
Still waiting to be freed

A King among the mighty
Whose light would shine as well
If only your embers would grow
Into a fiery tiger swell

So long as you’re entangled
In a mesh of mind deceit
Believing you are not good enough
And keeping tame the sea

This mighty King, he will wait
He will wallow down below
But deep inside he wants to rise
Making himself known

By freeing himself of the tidal tug
That pulls from deep inside
We are more than we’re being
When our hearts defend our pride

It’s time to take a break
From what everyone else needs
Forget what you think
What is it that you feel?

As for me, well I’m a Queen
But I’m not a Queen alone
Surrounding me are long lost souls
Who must rise and take their thrones

We are not simply the embers
We are not conditioned drones
But we are Gods children
And it’s time to feel at home