Sensing Divine

Sensing Divine

Mother India,
how tragic you are
to those who can’t see
straight into your heart.

I had heard of your filth
tales of garbage abound;
calfs casually scattering
waste, mound upon mound.

Your smells, they could turn
brave men running for home,
but what a shame it would be
to know your stench all alone

Your horns they exhaust
our sensitive ears.
And to a lonesome traveler,
this may be all that he hears.

What a shame it would be
for one to not trace,
all that belies
your mistreated face.

But what a feast you are
to my senses and heart.
Though I must admit,
they rebelled at the start.

But as I dance through your alleys
how sad it would be,
for this to be all
my eyes, they would see.

Around every corner,
a new scape awaits!
Here lies a calf
amongst golden gates.

A temple, a palace, an arch,
Now a shrine!
Your streets, they call out
your spirit divine!

A sitar, a tabla…
exotic, their tones
Notes sharply reaching
deep into my bones.

A dog, he sets off
a galloping horse.
The children unphased
by his chaotic force.

Your kin, did you say…
His body “expired”?
I wonder, did he get
his freedom desired?

Swiftly we move…
Lord, I hope we don’t crash!
This seems like a place
where pedestrians pass!

The smoke calmly billows,
but what does he make?
Pakoras and naan!!!
I would love such a taste!

Hanuman sits on his
banyan branch throne.
Looking to take
my meal for his own!

Drawn into a shop
by delights for my nose
An incense bouquet,
nag champa and rose!

Your women, so lovely,
so cheerfully dressed!
They smile as though
I’m their personal guest.

Donning silver and gold,
emerald, chartreuse…
How I delight
in their various hues,

So much I have seen
but I sense there is more…
Still treasures are waiting
for me to explore.

You’ve shared of your heart
and I offer you mine
With the prayer that these memories
stay vibrant in time.

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