It was I who started the fire.
I admit, I was careless when
I decided to plant these seeds.
Yes, I could have been more thoughtful.

I wasn’t paying attention.
I didn’t realize that they would,
Strangle out the warm sun.
Yes, I could have planned better.

So I burned my garden down.
It wasn’t easy to do and in fact,
It was hard to see it all go.
Yes, I should have known better by now.

What a blaze that roared!
It was so big and out of control,
Burning up everything around.
Yes, I could have been more careful.

The sky was hazy with ash.
I couldn’t see or hear a thing and
Neither could anyone else.
Yes, I was sad and ashamed.

But the skies are clearing!
I can see the shining sun and
I can hear the birds singing.
Yes, I’ll find my way again.

Oh, the lessons learned!
The soil is fertile once more and
I will be a better gardener.
Yes, we reap what we sow.

4 thoughts on “Seeds”

  1. My dearest wanderer,

    Your words are your spirit and I can see that you are freer now. I’m excited to meet this you, to hold this you closest to my own vulnerable heart. I love you and I need you like you need me. I will see you again.

    1. Thanks, Brenda! I’ll be publishing more work like this in the coming weeks. I hope to hear from you again. Have a lovely weekend!

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