My Mother Gave Me Health

My mother sadly passed away at just 57 (only 17 years older than me now!) from a 100% preventable condition. It lit a fire under my ass as I realized that most of what I learned about how to care for my human body came from her. I refuse to let her have passed in vain and it has been a huge lesson to me in becoming whole ~ learning to care for myself physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I’ve been in a long process of getting back in touch with my body that began with yoga approximately 20 years ago. I began yoga out of desire to look better, but my practice revealed layers of trauma and neglect that had to be worked through and I’ve made huge progress with a much more capable, flexible, and relaxed body. Yoga along with plant medicines helped me to feel spiritually re-connected to my Source.

After having some health trouble in 2018, I began exploring how food affects my body. About 2.5 years ago, I did a food sensitivity test and found that I was *highly reactive* to wheat, dairy, and eggs along with some milder reactions from other foods. I was surprised to hear all this since I ate wheat, dairy, and eggs literally every day. I decided to go hard-core and cut them out completely which wasn’t that hard with all the gluten and dairy free substitutes available, though I did try to limit these and focused more on whole-foods. My cooking skills came in quite handy as I drastically reduced restaurant meals with mystery ingredients.

Damn, did I feel and look better! And I lost 15 pounds ~ quickly!

Last night I got my results from a second food sensitivity test. I was curious… Had my sensitivities improved? Are there new sensitivities? I see these as indicators of my gut health and a mirror to show me my blind spots.

What exciting results! My dairy and egg sensitivity has dropped into the low-moderate category! My wheat sensitivity is in the low category. And I do have a few new foods reacting (like potatoes, sadly) but guess what… I had already intuitively backed off of them because I knew something wasn’t right even though reactions can be mild and take up to 48 hours.
What progress! Not just for the state of my health but for my relationship to self. Just 2.5 years ago, I had no idea how foods were affecting me and my health was showing it but today the tests only validated what *I knew already*. YES!

Today I feel so much more in touch with the health of my internal organs, specifically my digestive and urinary tracts. My mother had issues in both of these systems and my my physical constitution is a lot like hers. My health is a tribute to her life.

Thanks, Mama. I love you. I miss you.

P.S. The test I just used came from Everylwell. I preferred this method & results format way better than the first test I did with my doctor’s office. Everylwell has sent me a link that gets you 15% off your test, if interested.

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