I am Light

I am overjoyed at this life, this dream
37 years may as well be 37 days
For I know nothing of this world
I stand in awe
Childlike wonder
Letting it all just be

This morning, the sunlight
Played in my shower
The mist put on a show for me
Dancing in subtle swirls and rainbows
I let it engulf me and I became
This mystical mix of fire and water

Outside the birds, they sing to me
Melodies filling the air
The space that holds this all together
I see their home, thick ropes for roots
Digging down to the Earth
Strong, safe, life-giving

And so I drink in this space
Space that reaches so high,
We can’t hold onto it
I expand and the birds remind me
I am the air, but I am also grounded
I am synced with my Mother, Earth

I don’t know what makes this work, but
I know that I am You as much as I am Me
I am as much ground as I am sea
I am Fire.
I am Space.
I am Light.

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