God’s Children

This is not our faults
And we can’t believe that it is
It simply is
Whatever we decide this is

I want to see you flourish
I want to see you grow
I want to be here and nourish
The parts that want to flow

Like embers burning calmly
Hiding beneath the breeze
Spirit clings down low
Refusing its own release

Afraid of the fire that may erupt
For its power is unknown
And like all that comes to light
The truth will surely show

At some point along the way
We unconsciously conformed
We lost touch with all the things
That made our spirits soar

Fearful that if we do what we want
Well, it must not be seen
For if the world truly knew
If they truly knew our human being

Well, we’d be moving into power
Arising from the flames
A phoenix now remembers
From where it is he came

The man you are is perfect now
So long as you can see
That you are truly something
Still waiting to be freed

A King among the mighty
Whose light would shine as well
If only your embers would grow
Into a fiery tiger swell

So long as you’re entangled
In a mesh of mind deceit
Believing you are not good enough
And keeping tame the sea

This mighty King, he will wait
He will wallow down below
But deep inside he wants to rise
Making himself known

By freeing himself of the tidal tug
That pulls from deep inside
We are more than we’re being
When our hearts defend our pride

It’s time to take a break
From what everyone else needs
Forget what you think
What is it that you feel?

As for me, well I’m a Queen
But I’m not a Queen alone
Surrounding me are long lost souls
Who must rise and take their thrones

We are not simply the embers
We are not conditioned drones
But we are Gods children
And it’s time to feel at home

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