Flower Essences

Flower Essences.
I hemorrhaged after giving birth. I was panicked & in fear as the midwife stopped the bleeding. She released 4 drops of a tincture on my tongue. In seconds, I was calm, centered & back in my body. It was a magic potion… She said it was Rescue Remedy.
I discovered later that it is a flower essence widely available at natural food stores because it works, yet it’s easy to dismiss as a real remedy.
Essences are made by placing a flower into spring water soaking in the sun for several hours to record the energetic trace of the bloom. The water is then preserved in brandy. Each flower has different qualities and works on the subtle level of your emotional body.
I was gifted a blend after my mother died but didn’t understand what I was receiving then. I wasn’t experienced in recognizing or working with subtle energies & did not take it. Years later, I awakened to my energy body while deep in my yoga and meditation practice in Ecuador, continuing in Rishikesh. Now my energy body is as real to me as my physical body.
To have them work so immediately and palpably in the middle of a hemorrhage was all I needed to believe in their power to affect my emotional state.
A few months ago, I saw a healer for neck trouble I was having. She used muscle testing, flower essences, chiropractic adjustments, and intuition. I was healed on many levels, including the removal of energetic blocks I’ve carried since I was child.
Recently, I received Bach’s Mother Essences and have been fascinated at what I’ve experienced & witnessed. Now I’m trying to make my own from flowers and spring water collected here on the land. Here is what I’ve gathered and the qualities they are said to invoke.
*Rhododendron – Grounding, unconditional love, inner balance, nurturance, comfort, compassion
*Hydrangea – Alleviates a scattered mind, opens throat chakra, strengthens concentration
*Bee Balm – Energy generator, passion to carry out projects, joy & inspiration
*Echinacea – Calming nerve tonic, increases awareness, deprograms old patterns, higher-self alignment, restores wholeness
*Red Clover – Internally generated behavior instead of group thought, calm and steady presence

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