Dear Brothers

Dear Brothers,
Please accept my apology.
I share it with deep sympathy.

We have shut you down.

We have shouted too many times,
You can never! let them see you cry.

If you do, You are a failure. You are weak.
You don’t know who you are or how to be.

And so you’ve have had to
Compress it.
Contain it.
Sustain it.

While we demand that you must be strong.
But you’ve carried this on for far too long.

And so it reveals itself in dramatic ways.
And we see it nearly every day…

Yet we don’t let up.
We still expect too much.

Society has shut down.

It turns out, neither of us knows
Who we are or how to be.
Again, my apologies.



*Just a quick note on this poem… Since Vegas and recent posts that I saw around #metoo, I’ve been thinking a lot about men and their place in our society. I’ve had some unresolved feelings and like I do whenever I’m unresolved about something, I decided to write. I have zero answers about any of it, but I do have this poem to share. Sometimes a little compassion is in order and that’s my Sunday morning mood. Sending love to all my brothers and sisters.

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