Birth Prayer for Lucy

Dear God, Great Spirit

Thank you for the ease and grace through which baby Lucy was conceived. We are eternally grateful for this gift that you’ve bestowed upon us as a family. 

Thank you for a calm and healthy pregnancy, free from distress and filled with love, nurture, and feminine energy.

We pray that Lucy’s life be full of health, joy, peace, love, harmony, creativity, intimacy, beauty, alignment with nature and with her own true spirit. 

May her eyes, heart, and mind, continually take in the beauty around her as she blesses this world with your grace. 

May she sing freely, create authentically, live with a sense of deep purpose and fulfillment, while knowing all that is good and true in the world. 

May she feel secure in our loving care and in herself as we prepare her to walk freely and confidently along her own path. 

May she always know that she is perfect and loved, exactly as she is. 

May Patrick, Lucy, and I grow together in love and closeness through all of our days.

Blessings on our beautiful daughter, Lucy. 

Aho, may it be so.


Releasing Into The New

When I was 23, I was stationed at Ft. Gordon in Augusta, Georgia where I was training in Air Force Satellite Communications. While there, my life was in upheaval and I decided late one night to drive out to the coast. I spent the night-drive crying in despair over my dramas-of-the-time – surely a brew of romantic loss and confusion, cross-country moves, family issues, and the overall uncertainty of that time in my life. By dawn I was writing inspired poetry to my God at the end of a long dock at Tybee Island as the sunrise appeared in water colors. My tears had carried away my fears and the day filled me with courage and excitement for the new times ahead.

At 37, I landed back in the Southeast after nearly fifteen years of exploration. Driving up the East Coast from Florida, I wandered back to Tybee Island – alone once again. I remembered my first time there and was struck by how not much had changed. I was dealing with new incarnations of the same dramas – romantic loss and confusion, international-moves, family issues, and the overall uncertainty of that time in my life. On this visit however, I was hit with a new awareness: Despite the last fifteen years of unnecessary stress, worry, and fear – I was in pretty much the same place! I was more or less the same gal – just a bit wiser with a better self-care routine. So much energy had been needlessly burnt away…

I write this in an attempt to release the worry, fears, and stress that I find myself mired in lately. I am sometimes consumed by doubts around my abilities or worthiness as a mother along with fear of and resistance to all the changes my body is going through. I hear that’s normal in the third-trimester but I could do without it. I’ve got enough weight in my belly – I don’t need more on my back. So this morning, I’m returning to Tybee in my mind and greeting a whole new day, full of beautiful possibilities. I release these concerns as I honor the lessons I’ve learned. I choose to step gracefully into these new chapters of motherhood and commitment to family that are now unfolding in my life.

My Man Of Stars

Written for my beloved on Valentine’s Day 2019 from Santa Marta, Colombia – “The Heart of the World”.

My Man Of Stars

My Man of Stars
Heart of Sun
Son of Heart
Come cover me
with your Wildness!

Let’s roll around
Hips and Lips
Hearts and Parts
Let us make thunder
and wake the skies!

Wrapped in
Ephemeral Bliss
Let our luscious Love
From the Heart
of the World.

Wake Up! Wake Up!

Wake up! Wake up!
It’s time to break up
With all the dark energy
Filling our cups

We live in such stress
It turns to distress
Then turns to disease
Our bodies a mess

There is a known cure
We’ve heard it before
Turn off “The News”
And open the door

Step on outside
The dark will subside
Once the sunlight
Can open our eyes

Look out! Look out!
It’s all coming now
We can let it release
We can give it a shout!

Nature won’t mind
Her patience divine
She takes it from us
And transmutes it in time

There is a new way
With each dawning day
To fill up our lives
With beauty with play

Breathe the fresh air
Show ourselves care
Connect more with Earth
And the better we’ll fare