I’m sorry you’re hurt.
I’m just a mess.
My heart needs freedom
or it won’t express.

I don’t know what that means,
but I know that it’s real.
I want you attached
but not at my heel.

I’m sorry I’m gone.
I need to cocoon.
Me living my life
feels threatening to you.

I’m drowning in work.
Can’t come up for air.
But it feels all okay.
I’m comfortable there.

Thank You

To all the men I’ve loved before,
Thank you.
You opened inside of me
    A hidden door.

You took me by the hand and
Invited me in.
Smiling from the
    Other side.

And then you got behind me
And pushed!
Me past my limits.
    Thank you.

You taught me some things!
Practical skills.
New ideas.
    You opened my mind .

I now know,
What I’ll take
What I’m worth
    Who I am.

You’ve modeled Conviction.
Given me a better sense
    Of what’s right.

Through Exploration and Debate,
Thought Experiments.
Your Super Powers
    Are mine too.

Thank you! for your
Strength. Risk-taking.
All of your beautiful and
    Masculine Ways.

We’re not always Graceful
But because of this dance,
I know my own
    Feminine (and Masculine) Ways.

Thank you for…
Teaching me.
Encouraging me.
    Loving (Healing) Me.

To all the men I’ve loved before,
I am Me
Because of You.
    Thank you.



Though I’d not known of her before
She came to ask a favor for

Her homeland lay in deep despair
She sought a space for healing prayer

My soul came forth; agreed that day
For I deeply felt the need to pray

Much had changed in this new land
Hidden purpose, beyond my plan

We gathered close, seven seats
Joined in God, our twin heart beats

Direction came: Reach forth into
This circle where God’s power moved

Cold fire filled my once numb limbs
I felt the help my hands could bring

Lord, I feel you through my arms
Power to heal such tragic harms

A reply came strongly; I was blessed
A deep-held knowing, a nod of yes

You’re here despite my lack of worth?
I’ve been derailed since my very birth!

A voice came forth, grace from sin
An exchange ensued deep within

These lips have lied a thousand times…
     All men whisper tales, truths disguised
     Your penance paid when your spirit cried

But my hands have thieved from men of trust…
     No man is free of deeds unjust
     Forgive yourself, an act you must

I’ve harmed this body, no longer pure…
     No man escapes the world’s allure
     Your heart is mine, of this I’m sure

Thank you, God, for choosing me…
     My dear, you see what they do not see
     It’s clear to you; You belong to Me