Often a bold passion’s felt
The desire to express oneself
May you always share this wealth
With an open mind and heart
Not everyone will approve of you
But there’s nothing for them that you can do
That’s for them to self-pursue
While you make art from life
No one else can shut you down
It’s up to you to stand your ground
Remember you’re not lost, but found
Within the wellsprings of your soul
I pray that you stay always true
To the spirit dwelling inside of you
Of all the hurts, there’s nothing new
On the surface of this earth
Let the years roll on, my love
Life has nothing to tire of
Just keep your eyes fixed up above
The clamour of this world
Something unique inside your soul
Yearns for you to release control
In the end, there is no goal
But a life that’s well expressed

In Gratitude

Awake alone in this early hour
The birds, they sing for me
The dewy air fills my lungs
And I am nourished by its qi

Wind blown leaves spiral down
A prompting for the day
To release all that’s come before
And for this, my heart does pray

Love surrounds to hold me close
My soul sings to the sky
More grateful for this life I live
With each day that passes by

Alchemy Prayer

On this new moon I pray to you
For paradigm alchemy
From swirling dust to cosmic love
Please help my eyes to see

We’ve come so far from heaven’s stars
This dream that dreams with open eyes
Unconscious play goes on and on
The world’s adrift and so am I

Wake us from this senseless state
To know our power within
To make the change you wish of us
And Heaven to Earth we’ll bring

Let separation melt away
And the joy of life emerge
With all our senses knowing truth
We’ll rise above our hurts

The past will fade; the now so pure
When good nature reigns supreme
This is what I pray for us
That love will set us free

Unholy Ghost

My poetry tends to be positive… in celebration of nature, recognition of spirit, and of love. However, no authentic person is cheery 100% of the time and I think it’s important to share the full range of my experiences. I woke up this morning feeling a bit down and recalled this poem I wrote many months ago. Because of its tone, I didn’t love it and didn’t share it at the time but this morning I feel called to bring it out from the dark. We all have past experiences that haunt us and the best we can do is to heal them by bringing them into the light.

Unholy Ghost

Unholy ghost,
Why do you hide
In the once fertile garden
Of my collapsing heart?

Unwelcome guest,
Serpent disguised.
Are you waiting to steal
The tears from my eyes?

This land was made
For beauty to grow
But you’re taking the life
From the seeds I have sown.

What can I give
To place you at rest?
To keep you from taking
The light from my chest?

Unholy ghost
Are we karmicly bound?
How can I wash
Your scent from my ground?

I know who you are and
I’ve asked you to leave.
Has my heart not had
Enough of your grief?