Old Stories

Old stories swirling
through the air
I don’t mean to be rude but
I really don’t care

Even my own,
they bore me to tears
Or worse ~ they remember
my old programmed fears

The past has gone now;
let’s leave it alone
We can never go back;
we can only come home

If we really must speak,
let’s create something new
A world full of peace, love,
forgiveness, and truth


So tired of this split between
Man versus nature
These hypnotized masses
Failing to look deeper

Conspiracies do happen
Every single day
All you have to do
Is look at the FDA

Chemicals in the food
“Generally regarded as safe”
No link with disease?
Now give me a break

Buy the Science if they have to
Protect the bottom line
But the truth will be known
It’s evident with time

The EPA fights to keep
Toxins in our water
Who will get it out when
Federal Courts won’t even bother

Our government’s the biggest
Terrorist organization
Dropping bomb after bomb
On civilian populations

Drug makers aren’t liable
They’re protected in the courts
Doesn’t matter how many
Or how extremely they are hurt

Whistle blowers dying
In such mysterious ways
Barely gets reported in the
Media these days

Censorship is real
And that’s not misinformation
Control is that much easier
With a dumbed down population

But what do we care
For these atrocities
So long as there is Facebook
And I look good publicly

Someone get my phone
Or some legal form of soma
I don’t want to hear it
Let me go back to my coma
May be an image of text that says 'into C 2 NO decay. NOUN'

Tell It!

Oops! Did I offend someone?
No, I don’t care about
My reputation
Biased observations
That go around.

Fragile birdie flew away
Because I had to say
The – My – truth
Is that all it takes?

My Scorpio nature
Won’t coddle a stranger
I won’t coddle family either
It’s just not who I am.

I won’t take your shit
You need to handle it
Take responsibility
I will do the same.

Don’t like it?
Then don’t come around me
I deal in authenticity
Fulllll Stop.

And No,
I’m not afraid
Of the things you might say
To the community.

I know who I am
I know where I stand
And I will not dance around
Your sensitivity.

For what it’s worth
I will reflect my truth
So you can take a look at you
And I will keep looking at me.


Dearest one,
My love to hold
Made for you
This liquid gold

Manna dripping
From my breast
This loving heart
Felt through my chest

We make the space
Connection strong
You’ll have the trust
A life’s built on

Healing our
Ancestral line
Breaking from
The bonds of time

Healing hearts
Our true intent
To turn around
All past neglect

We heal ourselves
We heal the world
While I nurse
My beloved girl

This picture is from Lucy’s first birthday. I never shared it but I’ve loved it since. Today feels appropriate as these words flow through me. Sending love to all the mamas doing their best to nurture their littles.

Let The Music Flow

I’m feeling sober in a world full of drunks
Looking around and wondering how
I’ve traveled so far that I can’t understand
What’s happening now in my own homeland

Dissonance reigns and it feels insane
It’s blasting in my ears and it’s hurting my brain
I can’t say I’m right and I won’t say they’re wrong
But it’s clear that we’re singing two very different songs

But it matters not what they say around me
And it matters not who they think they are
It matters not how loud their echoes sound
My heart and mind will remain unbound

Like a sweet little bird, let the music come through me
Oh My Lord, let the music flow
I’ll sing with you while I stand my truth
‘Cause your melody plays clearly in my heart

Photo Credit: Ryk Naves