My Hands

These galactivated hands,
I know to be divine
Bringing forth the patterns
Seen with my mind’s eye

Strong energy swirls
Like magnets in my hands
They shine the light of truth
When even I don’t understand

They push-pull with the moon
They whisper Cho Ku Rei
They create divine transmissions
Working as they pray

These hands are
healing hands, creative hands
loving hands, working hands

These hands were made
To celebrate
My God.


It’s been a while since we’ve spoken
You’re going your way
And I’m going mine
It seems our world has broken
And it’s tearing at the threads of time
Life was never predictable
But we’ve never seen something
Like this before
And rather than holding onto the shore
I’m releasing into the flow
I know not when we’ll meet again
But I know you’ve been
A longtime friend
And though our paths are parting
I’ll love you in the end



Often a bold passion’s felt
The desire to express oneself
May you always share this wealth
With an open mind and heart
Not everyone will approve of you
But there’s nothing for them that you can do
That’s for them to self-pursue
While you make art from life
No one else can shut you down
It’s up to you to stand your ground
Remember you’re not lost, but found
Within the wellsprings of your soul
I pray that you stay always true
To the spirit dwelling inside of you
Of all the hurts, there’s nothing new
On the surface of this earth
Let the years roll on, my love
Life has nothing to tire of
Just keep your eyes fixed up above
The clamour of this world
Something unique inside your soul
Yearns for you to release control
In the end, there is no goal
But a life that’s well expressed

In Gratitude

Awake alone in this early hour
The birds, they sing for me
The dewy air fills my lungs
And I am nourished by its qi

Wind blown leaves spiral down
A prompting for the day
To release all that’s come before
And for this, my heart does pray

Love surrounds to hold me close
My soul sings to the sky
More grateful for this life I live
With each day that passes by