It’s hardly the answer
I was looking for
Yet it seems to
have opened
a door
To my deepest Self
Filled with the infinite wealth
Of Divinity
So, if you see me
Please don’t tell me
to “Fight”
Let’s keep it Light
So that I can LOVE myself
Back to health
Life was ALWAYS
ALWAYS Precious
And I have every
To live it
With Beauty
With Grace
And with
I found out yesterday that my bladder has cancer. Doctor thinks he can remove it but we’ll know more after surgery on Wednesday. I feel strangely peaceful about it, with occasional waves of sadness.
The picture is of a happy bladder. I drew it about 6 months ago when I was trying to stay positive. I was told I had chronic UTIs but I had a feeling it was something more and insisted we look more deeply.


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