A New Rising

I walk past the graves of all my past selves
And am gifted a treasure of spiritual wealth

I hear them cry out, reliving their wounds
Rolling around in their underground tombs

Lamenting the past and all their mistakes
Locked in a prison of hurt and of shame

I see them, I hear them, I love them still
But I can’t be undone by their painful shrills

I keep moving forward, whatever it takes
This is the choice I will *always* make

And so I keep walking; no need to hold on
I release these ghosts and choose to move on

As I continue to die, leaving new graves
Old versions of me are passing in waves

Like the sun rises after yesterday’s storm
And a new day arrives, taking on its new form

I rise above and let mySelf unveil
Allowing my heart and my soul to prevail

This genuine life, this actualized Self
This in Truth, is my greatest wealth

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