So tired of this split between
Man versus nature
These hypnotized masses
Failing to look deeper

Conspiracies do happen
Every single day
All you have to do
Is look at the FDA

Chemicals in the food
“Generally regarded as safe”
No link with disease?
Now give me a break

Buy the Science if they have to
Protect the bottom line
But the truth will be known
It’s evident with time

The EPA fights to keep
Toxins in our water
Who will get it out when
Federal Courts won’t even bother

Our government’s the biggest
Terrorist organization
Dropping bomb after bomb
On civilian populations

Drug makers aren’t liable
They’re protected in the courts
Doesn’t matter how many
Or how extremely they are hurt

Whistle blowers dying
In such mysterious ways
Barely gets reported in the
Media these days

Censorship is real
And that’s not misinformation
Control is that much easier
With a dumbed down population

But what do we care
For these atrocities
So long as there is Facebook
And I look good publicly

Someone get my phone
Or some legal form of soma
I don’t want to hear it
Let me go back to my coma
May be an image of text that says 'into C 2 NO decay. NOUN'

Identity Shift

Hello Dear Ones!

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted here. I’ve been SO busy and it’s been wonderful. I thought I’d just take a minute to let you all know what I’ve been up to!

A few years ago, I began running into some health challenges which I’ve already shared a little of here. Unfortunately I was disappointed time and time again with conventional health care. Despite many attempts with many different practitioners, I never received satisfying help to understand what was ailing me. Instead, I was run through ineffective tests and given prescriptions that never uncovered or addressed the root of my issues. Looking back, it’s been a big blessing in disguise.

Being a natural researcher, I looked to books on wellness, advanced scientific studies, blogs, and internet articles to understand my various symptoms, how they were related to each other, how my health history played a role, and what to do about it. I took my health and wellness into my own hands and am so grateful that I did. I’m happy to report that I’m feeling MUCH better these days!

Not only that, but it’s evolved me. I’ve always been a fan of re-invention but this latest incarnation is keeping all my energy centers buzzed for the first time in a long time! Inspired to help others by sharing what I’ve learned along the way, I decided to pursue a health coach certification with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

This certification has helped tie my passions together. Not only have I continued sharing yoga with my community but I’m evolving the retreats to reflect a more holistic approach to wellness. I’ve been leading workshops on topics like chronic stress, mindful eating, and intestinal permeability (aka “leaky gut”). I’ve also been teaching healthy home cooking classes, as well as sharing recipes and wellness tips through my new social media accounts and health coaching website. I’m also really excited about my new partnership as a contributor with Mother Earth Food.

Check out my new website or follow along on social:

Instagram: @my_nurtured_health
Twitter: My_Nurtured_Health (@MyNurtured)

My favorite recent blog posts have been:

A Whole Foods Diet. What it is and how to do it. 

We’re Not Fat, We’re Inflamed. The effect of chronic stress and what we can do about it. 

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Wishing you all great health and happiness! With Love,