Unholy Ghost

My poetry tends to be positive… in celebration of nature, recognition of spirit, and of love. However, no authentic person is cheery 100% of the time and I think it’s important to share the full range of my experiences. I woke up this morning feeling a bit down and recalled this poem I wrote many months ago. Because of its tone, I didn’t love it and didn’t share it at the time but this morning I feel called to bring it out from the dark. We all have past experiences that haunt us and the best we can do is to heal them by bringing them into the light.

Unholy Ghost

Unholy ghost,
Why do you hide
In the once fertile garden
Of my collapsing heart?

Unwelcome guest,
Serpent disguised.
Are you waiting to steal
The tears from my eyes?

This land was made
For beauty to grow
But you’re taking the life
From the seeds I have sown.

What can I give
To place you at rest?
To keep you from taking
The light from my chest?

Unholy ghost
Are we karmicly bound?
How can I wash
Your scent from my ground?

I know who you are and
I’ve asked you to leave.
Has my heart not had
Enough of your grief?

Wake Up! Wake Up!

Wake up! Wake up!
It’s time to break up
With all the dark energy
Filling our cups

We live in such stress
It turns to distress
Then turns to disease
Our bodies a mess

There is a known cure
We’ve heard it before
Turn off “The News”
And open the door

Step on outside
The dark will subside
Once the sunlight
Can open our eyes

Look out! Look out!
It’s all coming now
We can let it release
We can give it a shout!

Nature won’t mind
Her patience divine
She takes it from us
And transmutes it in time

There is a new way
With each dawning day
To fill up our lives
With beauty with play

Breathe the fresh air
Show ourselves care
Connect more with Earth
And the better we’ll fare