Sound Healing

I’m super excited to have my Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour teacher, Michelle Berlin, visiting for this special workshop!

Sound Healing Immersion Weekend 

May 19th & 20th with Michelle Berlin

Tickets Here:

Sound meditation is one of the fastest growing relaxation and mindfulness techniques in the US. It’s popularity is recent (and astounding!), but the practice has been around for centuries and the science has been studied for years.

Whether you are a teacher looking to bring this popular meditation tool to fill your classes, or a student wanting to immerse yourself in the practice you love, this weekend will be filled with passionate conversation, practiced technique and some seriously good vibes!

You will learn:
– Fundamental qualities of sound
– Quantum physics of vibration
– Mantra & vocal toning
– Nepalese Buddhist system for chakra therapy
– Sound as a vibrational science
– Credited studies and research about sound therapy.
– History of using sound as a tool for meditation
– How to play and use different sound tools in a class environment as well as one on one. – – Understanding energy centers of the body correlating with the notes of different sound tools (bowls, chimes, etc ).
– Importance of intention for the maximum benefit (of the students)

Schedule: Saturday 12-5pm
Sunday 12-5pm
morning yoga classes included
snacks & refreshments included

About Michelle :
Michelle Berlin works and teaches out of Miami , Florida. Her travels lead her to study in India, Bali and Thialand which has rooted her practice and teaching methodology . Michelle has been working with Sound Therapy for 10 years, teaching yoga for 12. She recently traveled to Nepal to study one on one with a 5th generation sound Monk in the Himalayas.

$275 Early Bird before April 15th
$350 After April 15th

Options to stay at the yoga center for an additional fee. Message for details.

Tickets Here:

I am Light

I am overjoyed at this life, this dream
37 years may as well be 37 days
For I know nothing of this world
I stand in awe
Childlike wonder
Letting it all just be

This morning, the sunlight
Played in my shower
The mist put on a show for me
Dancing in subtle swirls and rainbows
I let it engulf me and I became
This mystical mix of fire and water

Outside the birds, they sing to me
Melodies filling the air
The space that holds this all together
I see their home, thick ropes for roots
Digging down to the Earth
Strong, safe, life-giving

And so I drink in this space
Space that reaches so high,
We can’t hold onto it
I expand and the birds remind me
I am the air, but I am also grounded
I am synced with my Mother, Earth

I don’t know what makes this work, but
I know that I am You as much as I am Me
I am as much ground as I am sea
I am Fire.
I am Space.
I am Light.